Join The IndieBizChicks Conference! This will be like one big party for your business!

The best part – is that this is a completely virtual event. You don’t have to worry about travel expenses, finding a babysitter, or buying a new outfit.

We will be meeting in a webinar room on Monday, September 21 and Tuesday, September 22. (You can even wear your pajamas..)

There will be a variety of sessions, taught by women business owners who are running real life awesome businesses!

You can register for the IndieBizChicks Conference for free – and get access to 3 of the live sessions.

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An hour long session with any of these women is worth hundreds – but you can get your All Access Pass for just $97.

Here’s our line-up (all times listed in Eastern):

Monday, September 21

10am –  How To Grow Your Email List with Crissy Herron (FREE Session!) 

crissy-2aThis will be led by me – your host, Crissy Herron, of I’ll be getting this party started by sharing some tips on how to grow your email list. (If you ask me, your email list is your best marketing tool!)



12:30pm – Developing Your Biz Power with Tara Gentile

taraTara Gentile is a business strategist and the author of Quiet Power Strategy. She works with entrepreneurs and idea people to help them leverage their Quiet Power and build businesses that generate wealth, peace, and ease. Her clients learn to lead themselves and their businesses based on what makes them most effective and compelling. Tara’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Design*Sponge, and more. Tara speaks on entrepreneurship, money, and the New Economy all over the world.


2pm – Making The Most Of Your Social Media with The Stacey Harris

staceyThe Stacey Harris is a powerhouse online entrepreneur helping her clients reach rock star status with communities full of raving fans who follow them anywhere. She has a passion for building and being active in communities and teaching folks to use networking to build relationships that grow businesses. Stacey is the host of her own show Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris.


4pm – Conquer Your Business Fear with Sally Hope

sally-rSally’s tagline is “Carpe the hell out of your diem,” and she means it! As the leader of the Wildheart Revolution, Sally is all about helping people figure out what they want, and going after it! In her session, Sally is going to help you get over your business fears (because we ALL have them!)



9pm – Living The Laptop Lifestyle with Angela Wills (FREE Session!)

angelaAngela quit her stinky afternoon-shift factory job to work from home full-time in 2006. Since then she’s been building websites, teaching courses and offering support to hundreds of small business owners who want to use the internet to grow their business and truly live a “Laptop Lifestyle,” (and that’s exactly what she’ll be teaching in her session)! You can find Angela at


Tuesday, September 22

2pm – Rocking Your Brand with Jenna Soard

jennaJenna started doing graphic design professionally at the age of 16. She has taught at the University of Oregon and The Forbes School of Business, and was invited to work as a “Graphic Developer for the Center of Excellence at the Nike Headquarters.” She was in charge of overseeing 300 t-shirt designs that include LeBron, Livestrong, Kobe Bryant, Athletic Training, Running, Tennis and more.

In 2013, she launched, which exploded into a thriving six figure business. Jenna will be sharing her tips on Rocking Your Brand.

4pm – Creating An Awesome Mindset with Erin Stutland

erinErin Stutland  is the creator of Shrink Session, Sweat Therapy, a movement and fitness philosophy that combines everything from dance, kickboxing, toning and yoga with positive psychology and life coaching. If you are feeling stuck mentally, emotionally or physically she will teach you how to get unstuck, FAST. How? Psychology, movement and FUN!

Erin understands the power of having an awesome mindset, and how it can help you have a better business (and life)!

7pm – How To Find Clients That Will Skyrocket Your Biz with Jessica Nazarali

jessica-official-rJessica has already earned over $300,000 in 2015 through working with clients one-on-one and in group coaching sessions. She’ll be sharing her tips on how to find clients and skyrocket your coaching business.



9pm – Big Tree Income With Kelly McCausey (FREE Session!)

kellyKelly McCausey has been making money online doing the things she loves since 2002. she will be sharing her Big Tree Income philosophy – which includes creating passive income. (I must say – I LOVE passive income and my business wouldn’t be the same without it!) Kelly is blogging and podcasting over at where she’s proving that Solopreneurs are Smarter.


There is literally something for everyone!

These women are all earning their full time income with their businesses. Each one of them has important information to share. This conference isn’t about hype or theories …

This conference is about real women who are running real businesses, and giving you real-life advice that you can put into action today!

With free registration, you will have access to 3 of the live sessions
(The 10am session on Monday & the 9pm Eastern sessions on each day)

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